R & D Project (II)

Topic: “Analysis and Evaluation of the application possibilities of an EPOC neuro-headset from Emotiv.

Responsible: Nicolas Simon


The Emotiv EPOC neuro headset offers many possibilities to analyse facial expressions, emotions and thoughts. Within this work the Emotiv neuroheadset will be analysed and evaluated with respect to its application possibilities. A demo application will be developed that allows for differentiation of the neuro commands for “left” and “right” and hence map those commands onto an external device which is a picture flow application running on an Android phone. In addition the level of current concentration shall be displayed in the Android device as well. The communication between the phone and the analysis computer will be implemented by using a conventional TCI/IP connection.


Note:  This R & D  Project is a project being carried out as a preparation for the Master Thesis project at the Bonn Rhein Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

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