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Software related stuff in here. This can be specific posts about software being used or being developed. Also algorithms belong into this category.

How to add new Module/Box to designer in OpenViBE?

In the previews article we talked about how to generate .h and .cpp files by using Skeleton Generator for OpenViBE. Here we want to learn how to add this new module to designer and make it visible. There are some … Continue reading

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How to create a new module/Box in OpenViBE (Momentary Frequency Module)?

This article is about creating a module or box in OpenViBE by using Skeleton Generator. Skeleton generator is a nice application for .h and .cpp file generating which specially designed for OpenViBE by OpenViBE team. OpenViBE itself has some predefined … Continue reading

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How to install/compile OpenViBE in Windows

In this article we are going to explore how to install and compile OpenViBE source code in Windows. Of course, if you don’t want to implement any extra Module in OpenViBE for any purpose related to your research, you just … Continue reading

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The long way to implement a TCP server box in OpenVIBE

Hi guys here is something I want to share with you on my way to implement a new Box in OpenVIBE. The goal was to run a TCP sever in a box which sends a command string when a specific … Continue reading

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openVibe Software toolkit

OpenViBE is a software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using brain-computer interfaces. The package includes a Designer tool to create and run custom applications, along with several pre-configured and demo programs which are ready for use. [see Wikipedia also] OpenViBE is … Continue reading

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