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Master Thesis (I)

Topic: Development of interfaces for the use of communication and entertainment applications by people with a serious motor and verbal disability. Responsible: Nicolas Simon The aim of this project is to develop a user interface for people who cannot move any … Continue reading

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How to add new Module/Box to designer in OpenViBE?

In the previews article we talked about how to generate .h and .cpp files by using Skeleton Generator for OpenViBE. Here we want to learn how to add this new module to designer and make it visible. There are some … Continue reading

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R & D Project (II)

Topic: “Analysis and Evaluation of the application possibilities of an EPOC neuro-headset from Emotiv.” Responsible: Nicolas Simon Abstract: The Emotiv EPOC neuro headset offers many possibilities to analyse facial expressions, emotions and thoughts. Within this work the Emotiv neuroheadset will … Continue reading

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R & D Project (I)

Topic: “Exploration of various classification algorithms for Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) analysis of a ‘Turn Left’ command for a Care-o-Bot simulator using an Emotiv EPOC headset.” Responsible: Ramesh Kumar Natarajan   Abstract: Emotiv Epoc is one of the best BCI devices … Continue reading

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Welcome Everybody

Hi, this is Gernot and I am happy to announce the start of our emotion computing blog. I hope you will find this one interesting. Thanks in advance for any kind of input and feedback on our posts. Cheers, Gernot

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